About Ethnographica

The hand touch of the Arts is a longing we have witnessed in our forty-five years at Ethnographica. This is even truer today in our technology-centric world, in which the desire for objects of extraordinary beauty from other cultures engages our humanity, connecting us to cultures present and historic. These are worksof proud people with rich cultures,traditions and enlightenment spanning hundreds of years. 


In recent years Ethnographica has widened its inventory to include custom carpets by artisans who use the highest quality materials and pure natural dyes and weave using the traditional techniques. All are unique one-of-a-kind, some inscribed by the weaver. Many are dated in Arabicwith the year they were woven. Every detail is well within the classical tradition. These beautifully crafted works of art are intended to be used and enjoyed with antique pieces far into the future.

It is simple: we feel as an art form there is little to compareto the pleasure derived from seeing, touching and living with abeautiful carpet regardless of its age or point of origin.

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